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Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment is a voluntary course option offered free to all high school students in Hillsborough County. Students who participate will take classes through Hillsborough Community College and earn dual credit through both schools for the course they take. 

For more information, visit HCC's website at

DEADLINES can be found here
Absolutely no paperwork will be accepted late!

Acceptable SAT, ACT or PERT score (Info on taking the PERT can be found here).          
SAT: 440 Critical Reading and 440 Math for MAT 1033 and science classes. 510 Math for MAC 1105 and higher. 
     ACT: Enc 17, Rea 18, Math 19, For MAT 1033 and science classes) Math 21 for MAC 1105 and higher.
     PERT: See HCC's website.  

1.  Select a course. It is your responsibility to select a course that is offered at a date and time when the student is available to take it.                          
Search for classes here and search for dates and times here.                                                                         

All courses MUST be approved by a counselor. Please note that your counselor has limited ability to help you select a course. We can make SOME suggestions but we are not college advisers. Our approval of a course is limited to helping you select courses that aren't duplicated by your high school classes but we are not able to help plan a student's college curriculum. However, you can also visit HCC's website for info on earning an AA degree. 
2.  Turn in all necessary paperwork. Most forms are available on HCC's website in their handbook and on the Dual Enrollment page of HCC's website. 

This includes form B, which needs a signature from a counselor and administrator. Plan ahead!                                

It is the STUDENT'S responsibility to turn in all forms on time. Counselors are not allowed to sign forms after the due date. Paperwork must be RECEIVED by HCC (not postmarked) by the deadline date. If you intend to submit the paperwork the day it is due, you must turn it in to HCC's Dual Enrollment offices on Davis Island.      
                              The Dual Enrollment Office is located at:
                              39 Columbia Dr.
                              Room 320
                              Tampa, FL 33606
                              (Davis Islands)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   By Postal Service:
                              Hillsborough Community College
                              Dual Enrollment Office Room 320
                              P.O. Box 31127
                              Tampa, FL 33631  
3. Get your textbooks. 

4. Get your grades. Transcripts will be sent automatically by HCC once the course is complete, but sometimes this takes a few weeks to be done, especially for summer courses. If you need your HCC grades added to your transcript sooner, you are welcome to request your transcript from HCC directly and bring us an official copy.