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College Credits

Earning College Credit in High School

There are a few ways that students can earn college credit in high school. Hillsborough County offers Dual Enrollment through Hillsborough Community College, available at no cost to all students. For more information, see our Dual Enrollment page

It's also important to note that not all Dual Enrollment classes will be accepted as credit at all universities. Students must check the policy of the university they are applying to for full disclosure. 

Credits through IB and AP Classes

Many universities list their policies for what credits they offer to students who score well on IB or AP exams. Below is a brief listing. More will be added as they are found. If you don't see the school you're looking for, you can go to the website of any college or university and type in "IB Transfer Credits" in their search bar and find a link. 

IB Transfer Credits

For more information, visit IB's web page here.

University of Central Florida 

AP Transfer Credits