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College / Career Choices

Where Does Your Path Lead?

If you're lacking ideas on where to even start thinking about what you want to major in, check out these fun quizzes to help get some ideas on the table. Both of these quizzes are free and can be scored online for you. 

Here is an interest inventory to help determine where your interests lie. Once you have your results, be sure to check out some possible careers that match your code.

Knowing what you like is important, but knowing what you're good at can be even more crucial.
Here is a link to a test of multiple intelligences. (NOT an intelligence or IQ test!) This test simply shows where  your natural strengths and weaknesses are. 

Also, check out this great website for more information about specific college majors, how those majors translate into jobs,  what schools offer that major, and how successful students are from those schools:

Other Options

See your counselor or Mrs. Wanner for information and resources about:

Taking the ASVAB

Joining the Military

Writing a Resume

Attending a Job Fair
Career Exploration

Check out the Occupational Outlook Handbook to learn more about different careers.