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College and Career Resources

Getting Ready for College: An Overview

Check out these College Prep Timelines! 

1. Know what to expect.
2. Keep your GPA in check! Make sure you're meeting your graduation requirements.
3. Get ready for college readiness tests, such as the PSAT, SAT, ACT or PERT. Grade 11 is when to really focus on these.
4. Figure out how you will pay for college, including financial aid and/or scholarships. Be prepared! Many scholarships want to see that you are involved in extracurricular activities and community service. Be sure to keep records!
5. Decide on what you want to study. (See links below)
6. Research which schools are right for you, including technical schools and community colleges too. 
7. Get the info you need to apply. Be sure to pay attention to DEADLINES and all other requirements.

Keeping your GPA in Check

Would you like to know how GPA is calculated? Check out this handy form.  You can also find an explanation of what all those different GPAs on your report card mean here.

Are you struggling in a class? Be sure to stay after school for FREE tutoring! 
College Links

Public Universities and Colleges

Notes from the SUS 2014 Admissions Tour

Technical Colleges through Hi-TEC

Tampa Bay Tech