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Career and Technical Course Description
Applied Welding Technologies
1 year, Grades 9-12
Classroom supplies: Each student is required to purchase their own personal protective equipment, which consists of boots, gloves, welding shirt, & etc.
   This course prepares students for employment or advanced training in a variety of occupations in the welding industry.  The content includes use of cutting and/or welding processes to fabricate parts according to shop drawings or written specifications.  The content also includes planning, management, finance, technical and product skills, underlying principles of technology, labor issues, community issues and health, safety, and environmental issues.  This program offers a broad foundation of knowledge and skills to prepare students for employment in applied welding positions.

Welding 2-8
1 year, Grades 10-12
Prerequisite: Welding 1 and Teacher Recommendation
   Included in this program of study are all the techniques of welding, from basic principles to more advanced applications.  Welding is such a widely accepted from of material construction, individuals in this field can expect employment in a vast number of areas.

Barbering 1
1 year, Grades 9-12
   This course is designed to provide instruction in safety rules and procedures, school, classroom/laboratory procedures.  It provides competencies in hair shampooing and conditioning, trimming and shaping hair using clippers, shears and razors.

Barbering 2-8
1 year, Grades 10-12
Prerequisite: Barbering 1 and Teacher Recommendation
   This program will prepare students for a career in barbering.  Content includes but is not limited to communication skills, leadership skills, human relations skills and employability skills, safe and efficient work practices.  Florida barber law and rules, knowledge of barbering and its related chemistry, bacteriology, anatomy and physiology.  Development of skill in performing the manipulative technique required in the practice of barbering.  Instruction is designed to qualify students for employment upon successfully passing the Florida Restricted Barber or Barber License Examination.

Child Development
Parenting Skills
1/2 year courses, Grades 9-12
  In Child Development, students will identify the nature of child development from conception to school age.  The course covers principles of human development, prenatal care, the birth process, the responsibilities of parents, and careers in child development.  The class includes hands-on activities such as egg babies, snack examples, presentations of child development theorists, and age appropriate toys.
   Parenting Skills is best known for the "Reality Works Baby," (the baby that cries for a variety of reasons to show how difficult raising children can be).  The course prepares students for the multiple roles essential to becoming a model parent and to understand the dual roles of males and females as parents and wage earners.  It will also enhance the student's ability to assist children in becoming effective citizens in a multicultural and technological society.  

Cosmetology 1
1 year, Grades 9-12
   This course will prepare students for a career in cosmetology.  It is designed to provide instruction in the core of competencies that have been identified as being essential to all cosmetology occupations.  Students will perform skills and services for clients in the school cosmetology salon.

Cosmetology 2-3 (Facials and Nails)
1 year, Grades 10-12
Prerequisite: Cosmetology 1 and Teacher Recommendation
   Facial Specialty major provides instruction in skin care, facials, facial massage, facial hair removal and makeup.  Nails Tech Specialty major provides instruction in manicure, pedicure, nail extensions and care of hands and feet.

Cosmetology 4-8
1 year, Grades 11-12
Prerequisite: Cosmetology 1-3 and Teacher Recommendation
   Students perform skills and services for clients in the school cosmetology salon.  Successful students are prepared and eligible to take the Florida Board of Cosmetology examination for licenses.

Culinary Operations 1
1 year, Grades 9-12
   This course of study prepares students for employment in the food service and hospitality industry.  Students will learn both front and back house procedures, cross train in food service jobs, study leadership and employability skills, and operate a restaurant and catering business in a high school laboratory setting, which includes a commercial kitchen and cafe.  Industry certification for Culinary Arts includes National ProStart Certificate of Achievement and Certified Professional Food Manager (ServSafe).

Culinary Operations 2-3
1 year, Grades 10-12
Prerequisite: Culinary 1 and Teacher Recommendation
   Advanced continuation of Culinary Arts 1.  Trains students in food planning and preparation for large numbers, such as banquets, luncheons and receptions.  Students are involved in business.  Industry certification for Culinary Arts includes National ProStart Certificate of Achievement and Certified Professional Food Manager (ServSafe).

Culinary Operations 4
1 year, Grades 12
Prerequisite: Culinary 1-3 and Teacher Recommendation
               Offers 3 tracks to best suite the students want in the Culinary and Hospitality Field
Track 1: Culinary and Hospitality Management
   How to be successful in customer service and management roles. Learn the skills necessary for planning and catering an event. Explore trends in marketing and business, learn how to be a successful entrepreneur and small business owner in the hospitality industry.
Track 2: Advanced Baking Techniques
   Learn baking mathematics knowledge and skills. Explore how to demonstrate standard and advanced preparation skills for baking and pastry products. Apply the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully cater an event, learn how to demonstrate creativity in presenting baked products.
Track 3: Gastronomy and Garde Manger
   Exhibit the ability to follow state mandated guidelines for food service. Utilize industry technology to enhance methodology and efficiency of preparation and, how to demonstrate buffet style service. Examine the interconnections and interdependency of ecological, social, and economic systems. Demonstrate advanced preparation skills for various proteins. Learn how apply the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully cater an event.

Drafting 1 (CAD)
1 year, Grades 9-12   
    This course provides foundation knowledge and technically-oriented experiences in the study of Engineering and Drafting.  Concepts of human relations, entrepreneurship, safety and leadership skills are also introduced.

Drafting 2-4
1 year, Grades 10-12
Prerequisite: Culinary 1 and Teacher Recommendation
   The purpose of this program is to serve as a capstone course to provide students with the opportunity to develop a project from vision to reality.  This course will allow students time to produce a portfolio for job employment or college acceptance.

Family, Home and Consumer Technology (Senior Survival)
1 year, Grades 12
   This course is designed for Seniors Only!    This course assists the students in becoming productive and successful adults.  Concepts include managing your money, consumer choices, menu planning and preparation, interpersonal relationships and decision making.  Practical everyday skills needed for survival on your own will be covered and guest speakers will share their experiences.  

Nutrition and Wellness
Principles of Food Preparation
1/2 year Courses each, Grades 9-12
These two classes should be taken consecutively
      Nutrition and Wellness will help students understand the relationship between preparation of healthy foods and their nutritional choices.  Students will integrate scientific principles in the practice of safe food-handling and demonstrate the dangers of improper selection, preparation, service and storage of foods. Students will identify nutrients and their function using the USDA's Choose My Plate resources through technology-directed meal management techniques (apps and online services). Hands-on labs will teach nutritional food choices and analyzing nutritional needs based on the life cycle.  Awareness of consumer issues related to personal health and wellness, sports nutrition, food preservation and organic foods will be presented.
   The purpose of Principles of Food is for students to understand the foundation of food preparation, selection and storage of foods, and basic presentation skills for home and commercial cooking.  Students will practice safe and sanitary food preparation methods, experience hands-on labs, guest chef demos and explore foreign cuisine through videos, food tastings, and an international country project.

Television Production 1
1 year, Grades 9-12
   The basics of video production including video camera operations, lighting, audio, scripting, computer-produced graphics and editing are stressed in this class, which allows students to produce video segments.  Students work in front of and behind the camera.  Opportunities are provided for students to participate in the videotaping of school events.

Television Production 2-4
Prerequisite: TV Production 1 and Teacher Recommendation
   More advanced techniques of video and graphic production, including special effects, production and editing techniques.  Students work with additional responsibility and opportunities for videotaping school events.