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Art & Music Course Descriptions

Creating 2D Art (1st Semester)
1/2 year, Grades 9-12
Studies drawing, painting and design and its history.  This course requires the production of drawings and paintings for exhibition as well as research and reading about all the aspects of painting and drawing.

Creating 3D Art (2nd Semester)
1/2 year, Grades 9-12
Provides basic understanding of three-dimensional art methods, media, techniques and craftsmanship.  The content includes but is not limited to: production and appreciation of original 3D art forms; perception and response to design qualities, the value of design in three dimensional art, the production of individual sculpture and 3D art statements.

Advanced Placement Studio Art 2-Dimensional Design
1 year, Grades 11- 12
This is a year-long course for students who have a strong interest in the 2-Dimensional arts and wish to continue on a collegiate level.  Students will create 2-Dimensional artwork using a variety of materials to create a portfolio, which is submitted for college-credit. (Requires permission from teacher.)

Portfolio Development 2-D Design Honors
1 year, Grades 9-12 (Must have completed the Creating Art series)
Students work in a self-directed environment to develop a portfolio showing a body of their own work that visually explores a particular artistic concern, articulated and supported by a written artist's statement. Artists may work in, but are not limited to, content in drawing, painting, printmaking, mixed media, traditional photography, digital photography, and/or new media and emerging technologies that demonstrate understanding of design principles as applied to a 2-dimensional surface (Requires permission from the teacher)


Band 1
1 year, Grades 9-12
Pre-Requisite: 8th Grade Band
The purpose of this course is to provide students with opportunities to develop musicianship skills in band and instrumental ensembles. The content of this should include enabling students to develop fundamental skills in characteristic tone production, band performance techniques, musical literacy and music appreciation. Additional cost.

Band 2-4
1 year, Grades 10-12
Prerequisite: Band 1
Semester I-Marching Band
Semester 2-Concert Band
Open to all students who have band experience. Teaches basic fundamentals, tone production, sight-reading, exercises and development of embouchure. Additional cost.

Orchestra 1
1 year, Grades 9-12
Prerequisite: 8th Grade Orchestra
Offers students a course of study in the violin, viola, cello and bass.  Emphasis is placed on basic instrument skills.  Knowledge, understanding and acquisition of musical styles and forms are gained through performance of appropriate orchestral literature.  At the conclusion of the class students will be able to perform in a public performance.  No beginners are accepted.  Must have one year experience. Additional cost.

Orchestra 2-4
1 year, Grades 10-12
Prerequisite: Orchestra 1
Students of the violin, viola, cello and bass are assembled to learn music of appropriate nature and value with the intent of performing at local junior high and elementary schools.  The orchestra performs in district and state festivals. Grades are based on student participation in class and attendance at performances. Additional cost.

Instrumental Techniques 1-4
Pre-Requisite: At least ONE of the following: 8th Grade Band, 8th Grade Instrumental Techniques or Instrument Ensemble I
1 year, Grades 9-12
This class focuses on the pedagogy in Percussion Music. Students will hone their skills on various percussion instruments. This class is for percussionists entering or currently in High School Band. This class is for experienced musicians and/or percussionists.

Intro to Music (Instrumental Ensemble) 13024600
This is an ENTRY level music course. Students will learn the basics of music: how to read, how to play, terminology, among other music skills. No prior experience is required. In addition to music theory, students will learn how to play basic percussion instruments: xylophone, snare drum, and timpani.

Marching Band Auxiliary (Eurthymics 1) 1305300
This course is for HHS Dancerettes and Color Guard units ONLY. Students that register for this class should also have approval from Mr. Lebrias. Students will learn the fundamental techniques of Marching Band auxiliary: basic dance technique, basic equipment technique among others. Students in this class will also be able to rehearse their choreography for marching band and solo & ensemble.