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3DE is an approach to learning that is growing quickly in innovative schools nationwide. Each core class becomes connected to the way knowledge is used in the real world. Those connections make learning more useful, more engaging and more successful for students. Research shows students in 3DE courses graduate better prepared for high-paying, in-demand careers.

Learning where rigor meets the real-world:

•       Students participate in authentic project-based application that is integrated across all core classes
•       Students consistently engage with a variety of industries, professionals, and careers
•       Students develop valuable competencies to navigate a high-growth careers
•       Students identify career interests that fit their aptitude, interests, and aspirations
•       Students gather information and support to navigate the post-secondary admissions & financial aid process
•       Students gain exclusive access to 3DE designated scholarships

What are the benefits of 3DE by Junior Achievement?
Case methodology is proven to increase student engagement, strengthen comprehension, build critical thinking and accelerate academic performance. 3DE students cut chronic absenteeism in half when compared to their peers. 3DE students consistently outperform their peers on 100% of the statistically-significant academic benchmarks. In addition, 3DE’s first graduating class is projected to improve graduation rates by 70% since the launch in 2015.