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Points of Pride
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Hillsborough High School, one of the south's oldest high schools and the oldest high school in the county, is full of history, tradition, and pride. While its entity as a school probably dates closer to 1880, a room over a Franklin Street livery stable in 1885 is recognized as the first location of this famous school. After several moves, the present building was opened in 1927.
Beginning with the first teacher, who also served as principal, and the first graduating class of four students in 1886, the students, faculty and administrators of Hillsborough High School have established a framework of history, tradition, spirit, and pride that sets HHS students apart from students of other schools. One of the oldest traditions is the wearing of red and black, the school's colors, every Friday to show spirit and unity. Hillsborough has an illustrious alumni with records of service as State Attorney, Senators, Judges, State Representative, Mayors of Tampa, professional athletes, educators, School Board Members, actors, authors, lecturers, sports announcers, Country Commissioners and Council Members, entrepreneurs, etc.
Hillsborough produced the first high school newspaper in Florida in 1889 and the first yearbook in 1911. In 1913 and 1914, Hillsborough's basketball and baseball teams defeated teams from the University of Florida and Southern College. In 1929, Hillsborough won the high school national football championship.
The Alma Mater, the "Red and Black" was written in 1923. Students purchased the Tower Clock in 1949 to honor Hillsborough's casualties in World War II. The names of Hillsborough students who were killed were placed on a plaque under the tower. The Terrier Creed was written in 1954; it received much publicity as the only one of its kind in the South. The bronze terrier that guards the trophy case was originally placed in the courtyard. The sacred "H" on the patio was dedicated in 1974 in honor of Mr. Hamilton, an assistant principal. Various groups provided the stained glass windows in the auditorium in 1963.
International Baccalaureate
This is a rigorous pre-university course of study that meets the needs of the highly motivated and academically talented high school student. It provides students with the intellectual, social, and cultural preparation necessary for the adult world. Students must meet the entrance requirements and maintain standards to be eligible to participate in the program. 97% of all IB students earned their IB diplomas in 2015.
Honors Program
Our school was ranked 55th in Newsweek when the magazine did an article on the top 100 Advanced Placement Programs. The following advanced placement and/or honors courses are provided: Calculus, Algebra I, Algebra II, Analytical Geometry, Trigonometry, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Anatomy/Physiology, English Literature and Composition, Spanish, French, AP Art, American History, European History, World History, Economics, and American Government.